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Nigel Freeman

  I trained with a large national franchise before starting Nigel's Driving School.Com. I have the training and resources of a major company but you get the flexibility and personal touch that a small company brings. The best of both worlds!
I am married and have three children. I spent some of my career in the food industry and transport logistics industry where I was involved in the training of Food Safety and Quality Systems.

Thanks for your help Nigel, found
it a bit of a struggle to start with
but you gave me the confidence
to pass.

Faye. High Wycombe.
I soon found that I was enjoying the trip to work more than being stuck inside a windowless training room. I enjoyed the training but preferred one-to-one training. The obvious conclusion was to combine the bits I liked and I have been working as a driving instructor ever since.

I enjoy my job and I am sure my enthusiasm is infectious. I appreciate that driving for the first few times can be nerve racking but my aim is to make it as much fun and stress free as possible. Safety is always my top priority; mine, yours and everybody else's (in that order) but that doesn't mean it will be dull or boring.

I am member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists and also an active member of the
Association Amersham and Wycombe Driving Instructors.
You were a great help, very
patient and I even know my
left from my right now!
  I am a very patient instructor and have found that people learn more quickly when they are in relaxed atmosphere with clear rules (e.g. don't close your eyes when going through a gap that looks too small!). Not everybody learns in the same way, or needs the same level of support, to help you remember and I will modify my training technique to what is best suited to you. Some people want to be told exactly what to do; others need to know the entire workings of the engine before we pull away.

I will provide the necessary support to make the training sink in, in order to help you achieve your goal. Learner drivers spend many hours with their instructor and I always encourage feedback so that I can continually improve and modify my teaching methods to suit the way you like to learn.

Thanks for remaining cool in the lessons when I was losing my head. Driving my wife and kids to the seaside at the weekend.

Mo' Totteridge
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