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Nervous? Confident? Raring to go? ... we are all different.
Fed up with the bus queue, your job, need some independence?    Had a few lessons but not making progress?
                Lost your licence for eating and speeding whilst on the phone?    
Need a few lessons as it's been a while since you drove?     Want to drive a manual but only got an automatic licence?
               International licence but going to be here for more than a year?
Pass Plus/Motorway/Country Roads, Drive-Thru McDonald's (without hitting the kiosk & leaving your burger in the road).
Pick up the ticket from the multi-storey car park without getting out of the car and getting knocked on the head by the barrier?     We can't teach you how to put furry dice on your rear view mirror or put in speakers so big that you can feel the base notes in your belly..... BUT we can teach you how to drive, both have some fun and YOU will learn a skill for life.

We teach new drivers of any age from 17 to 65

This page outlines our course and pricing options. If your course option is not shown in the table below - don't panic! ...
please use the contact us form or ring me to discuss your requirements.
1 Hour Driving Lesson > Each driving lesson is 60 minutes long. Please note if you live in an area where I may need to travel a long distance I may require you to book a 2 hour lesson. Please contact me directly for more details. £45.00
2 Hour Driving Lesson > Booking a 2 hour lesson will save you money and speed up your progress. Two hour lessons cost less and are far more productive because of the continuous time behind the wheel. £80.00
Block booking of 10 Lessons > 10 hours booked and paid for in advance
Taken as 2 hours lessons, they are more cost effective because of the continuous time behind the wheel.
Contact me for info
Test booster course > The Test Booster Course is ideal for learners who are near test standard and just need a short burst of lessons prior to the test. It is also great for those who have taken a test before or have come up to test standard in the past but have not had lessons recently.

The in-car training is 15 hours on a one to one basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test).
Contact me for info
Midway pass course > This course includes: 20 hours of in car tuition The Midway Pass Course is ideal for those who have already learned the basic control skills of driving. The course can be completed in a week or spread over several depending upon your needs and my schedule.

The in-car training is 20 hours on a one to one basis.
Contact me for info
INTENSIVE > I sometimes run semi intensive lessons over a week or two. Phone me to see if my availability matches up with your requirements Contact me for info
  DSA guidelines say 45 hours of tuition plus 22 hours practice. I find with specially tailored lessons and some background work on your own with a DVD or a book from me, we can do it with fewer hours.

If you can practice in your own car this will complement the lessons and you will find it more cost effective. I am more than happy if accompanying driver (mum, dad or great uncle Albert) wants to come out on a lesson or two to see how far you have got. I find this helps them not to be nervous the first time they get in the car with you behind the wheel, and tends to stop any domestic disputes (though if you don't tidy your room they still won't take you out!!).

My "friends" said I would never pass. We proved them wrong! Thanks again.


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